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2-6 Oct 23


Word from Camp leader(dad)

As camp dad I felt like this camp we took one giant leap in changing mind sets and educating our boys on how to achieve successes in life. Judging by feedback from boys after camp I was reduced to tears because I realized that things we take for granted are huge for these boys like taking a shower. Most of them have never had a shower before. Catching a fish, standing in a waterfall and playing paintball was the ultimate for them. I think we left that camp inspired and with a new zest for life for both the boys and I.

Main theme on camp was “think spirit”After the talk by Renee on day 3 this is all the boys talked about. Everytime someone would get angry or pass a negative comment the boys would reply “think spirit”.

It was about taking your eyes off things of this world and placing your eyes on God. Our circumstances sometimes overwhelm us especially when we live in a house infested with drugs, abuse, domestic violence, overcrowding and poverty. One of our ex baseball players hung himself in his room and our boys still never got over that so it was important to listen to their domestic struggles and advise on how to survive. Elevating your thoughts to a higher vibrational level and meditating on God can get you through many difficulties instead of focusing on lower vibrational things like anger, sadness, jealousy, hatred ect.

We had some fun moments also especially when Byron asked the waitress how many sugars did she put in his coffee and Luciano used a whole muscle shell with flesh inside and all to try and catch a fish.

On a more serious note we discussed how to respect a woman/girl. The answers were mostly about how girls today disrespect themselves by throwing themselves at boys and having sexual encounters with other girls. They felt that boys have a tough job in holding themselves back because sex is so freely available. At this point we spoke about abstainance, masturbation and condoms. At the end of the discussion I think a lot was learnt and no matter what happens in this day and age  you as the man should nurture, love, repsect and care for females whether it’s a friend, girlfriend, wife or sister and not treat them on the way they behave.

Other topics discussed briefly:

  • Don’t let your circumstances define you/rise above your circumstances
  • Stop feeling sorry for yourself and do something positive as we all struggle
  • Show commitment and respect in whatever your do
  • Consider others- life is not all about you just because things are difficult at home
  • Give back to your community this is the only way to move forward

Feedback from boys in their own handwriting but retyped for easy reading:

Thank you uncle Vic and all the sponsors, we are very grateful for what you have done for us. The camp was awesome and all the stuff we had done. It was a big experience for me. The waterfalls was fanatastic, the paintball was very amazing and the fishing was wonderful and the 200 steps was very good. Every morning then I wake up to a beautiful view of the mountain and the ocean and I felt
blessed to see all this beauty that God has given to me. Sometimes I forget what lies outside of Ocean View. It was the first time that I slept in a tent and it was a great experience for me. Thank you for everything that u have done for us Uncle Vic

Miguel Kallis

Firstly I’d like to thank Coach Merlin, aunty Renee and uncle Vic and all the organisations for everything you guys did for the baseball children. I had an amazing time on the week camp although it wasn’t my first time camping in a tent by the ocean. It was wonderful to see that it was a first time for most of the boys. Most of the things we did at camp was a first time for me and my fellow teammates. I’d like to give another shout out to Coach Merlin and aunty Renee for always being there for us and always give us advice to do the right things in life no matter what time of the day. The camp really made us grow closer as one family. My highlight of the camp were the showers because most of us don’t have showers at home and never bathe in a shower before so it was a new experience for us and I enjoyed every moment.

Farouk Butler

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to uncle Vick for your unwavering commitment in our lives. You have been a pillar of support, offering guidance and love. I am truly blessed to see such an amazing person like you and for the things that you do for our baseball club. There is nothing more we can ask
for and I’m very thankful for everything you do for us. I just want to say that this is a fantastic camp that left an indelible mark in our lives. From sunrise to sunset each day was filled with awesome adventures and unforgettable memories. My highlights of the camp was the food. It was so nice that we made at
camp and I loved the spur where we went to go eat. I enjoyed sleeping in a tent cos it was my first time camping outside and I would love to do it again. We went on hikes and to a beautiful waterfall in the mountain and natures breathtaking beauty. Our evenings were filled with laughter around the campfire, sharing stories and toasting marshmellows. We challenged ourselves with team building
activities like the paintballing against each other and most of us enjoyed it. This extraordinary experience has instilled in us a love for the outdoors and a passion for lifelong learning.

Keano Williams
#ThinkSpirit #CampDad

Hi Aunty Rene I had a lot of fun by the camping and learned a lot I wanted to thank you and coach Merlin first of all for doing it and I enjoyed every part of the camping it was my first time camping in tents and the paintball but I loved the fishing also because I almost cached a fish with a stick I could not believe it and I wanted to thank uncle VIC for giving money for the camp to be successful.

Walter Mususa

Thank you Coach Merlin, aunty Renee and uncle Vic for offering up your time. I did everything I ever wanted to experience with my father like going fishing on the harbor and hiking up mountains to go see a waterfall. I never thought I would stand under a waterfall. Just the experience I have now is unforgettable and it was amazing. The best thing I did on the camp even though I was shot, I still enjoyed the paintball and would love to do it again. Sleeping in tents was a bit scary but it was fun for my first time

Diego George

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