Counselling is available to all the children in our mentorship programme. If children are misbehaving or parents notice a change in attitude and character they ask us for help with counselling their kids. Children whose families have lost loved ones or have been traumatized by violence or injured by gangsterism are also counselled, either individually or as a family.

Due to the high crime rate in Ocean View with lots of shootings and murders there has been a need for counselling of families affected by the violence. One of the kids in our programme lost a sister who was murdered and raped and whose body was found by 2 of the kids in our programme. One of our under 10 baseball boys mom was shot and killed by gangsters so it has been a sad year for everyone. We need premises in this township as most times families and kids are counselled in my vehicle.

Career Guidance

Our career guidance consultants help make decisions or advise about career choices by assisting the children through the entire process. They will also place the children into job shadowing if required and assist those who don’t qualify for further studies to find employment. We offer baseball coaching and first aid certificate courses. We assist with expenses like matric dances, ID’s, banking accounts and learners license.

Holiday Programme

Our matriculants work in our holiday programme in June and December as play leaders and get paid a stipend. They keep the children entertained with fun games and keep them safe and off the streets. Over 300 children attend the holiday club. The games are especially designed to teach children valuable life- skills like how to work as a team, effective leadership, boost confidence, learn to share and good sportsmanship.

Early Childhood Development Centre

Our OT assessed the 90 grade R and Pre-grade R children at the Ocean View Care Centre and her assistant is currently working with all the children to get them school ready.


We run 2 life-skills camps per year at various venues in Western Cape. This is where our best work is done and children have a break away from their domestic circumstances and can just be children and enjoy themselves.


Karate classes run throughout the year twice weekly. We currently have 45 children registered with blue belts being our highest achievers. Thanks to our dedicated Sensei Andre De Vries without is hard work and dedication this would not be possible.


Baseball currently has 75 registered players. We have 4 teams registered in the CTBF league. Last season 6 girls and 2 boys made WP team and earned their colours.