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Karate was an initiative to keep children occupied in the winter months when baseball ends in March. Our Sensei Andre De Vries offers voluntary service of which we are so thankful for. His passion is karate and children and he shares our vision of making a difference in the lives of children.

We started off with 35 children in March 2017. In December 2017 we ended the year with 32 attendees but only with 10 children from our original 35. There is a big turnover of children (thanks Sensei for your patience) and we reward children for their commitment by giving them a free karate suit. At the end of November, 5 of our original 10 had completed their 36 hours and were graded. They all passed and proudly received their yellow belts. This hopefully will encourage the others to be commited, to work hard and to practice at home.

Karate teaches discipline, how to defend yourself against bullies and to never retaliate by fighting, instead rather blocking the strikes. There are many opportunities for children in Ocean View who do karate as it can take you to karate expo's and championships nationally and internationally.

Feedback from a parent

Good morning
Aunty Rene/ Sensei Andre

As a parent I would just like to thank you for the work you do in our community. I am so grateful for the opportunity given to our kids, to take part in such a wonderful sport. My son, Jayden Engelbrecht has joined the Karate club late last year. Ever since there has been such a big positive change in his behaviour. Before joining Karate, he found it hard to concentrate, always wanted to do his own thing( didnt want to listen in class, nor at home) . He was just a child with a very strong will of his own.Since Karate, he has learned to focus more intently, listens to instructions more carefully ( in class). His more confident, self disciplined and has mutual respect for his peers, at school and at home. So thank you once again to you and to all the sponsor's making this possible.

From a very grateful parent.

Chantal Engelbrecht

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