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Thanks to the initiative of Children aloud, yet another youth development program has been brought to the community of Ocean View.

Children Aloud collaborated with Gichin Karate in March 2017, where the focus has been to teach traditional Shoto-kan Karate to the children and Youth of Ocean view.

Chief instructor Andre De Vries a 72 year old, 6th Dan pictured above (center) believes that “what the art did for him can do for the children and youth of ocean view”.

He instills life values of perfection of character, to be faithful, to endeavor, to respect others and to refrain from violent behavior. Sensei and Children Aloud wishes to thank everyone who donated 2nd hand suits and also to thank the wife of the late Sensei Danie Du Plessis for donating new karate suits to our kids. Congratulations to all our children that graded and thanks to the parents for keeping the children committed to the art.

See an article from the Echo here.

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