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Camp Glencairn Rotary Camp

  • October 2018

This took place on the 1st to the 4th October 2018. There were 28 children between the ages of 7 - 13.

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Karate grading Ocean View

  • September 2018

Thanks to the initiative of Children aloud, yet another youth development program has been brought to the community of Ocean View.

See an article from the Echo here.

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  • September 2016 - March 2017

We had an excellent season with parents coming on board to assist with coaching and managing the teams. The parents also assisted us with fundraising for equipment and transport.

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  • March - December 2017

Karate was an initiative to keep children occupied in the winter months when baseball end in March, Our Sensei Andre De Vries offers a voluntary service of which we are so thankful for.

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Camp Sunbird Park

  • 5 - 8 October 2016

The focus of this camp was "Anger Management". Drumming therapy was introduced and the children were so natural with the Djembe drums, They enjoyed it so much and that was all they wanted to do all weekend.

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Camp Sea Scouts Base Zandvlei

  • 10 - 12 July 2017

This was a lifeskills camp where boys had to cook, braai and bake for themselves. Every meal was planned with recipes and they were given the ingredients to make it.

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Camp Cteet Zeekoevlei

  • 5 - 8 October 2017

This was an environmental camp where children learnt about the fauna, flora and general lifeskills like saving water, personal hygiene, cooking skills, cleaning and dragon boat racing (teamwork).

See an article from the Echo here.

Camp Soetwater Environmental Centre

  • 10 - 12 April 2017

This camp came about on request from parents who suspected their children were on drugs. At the start of the camp each child had a half an hour counselling session which gave us a good idea of who was on drugs, who tried it and who was addicted.

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