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Tamlin Klein

2018 was once again a year filled with highs and lows. We have increased in numbers and have successfully involved our matrics of 2018 in paying it forward and volunteering on different programs. This makes our programs more sustainable and community based but also aids the boys in developing leadership skills.

We have begun collaborating with other NGO’s to build more community effort and to reach more children, which is a great initiative. We are now adding. golf as possible programs.

Karate and baseball is constantly growing and we are constantly getting more buy in from community members and parents.

As we grow not only do we reach some children and youth we also get an increased workload on our existing staff. Renee and Merlin have been working around the clock with our volunteers and are currently in the process of securing us with premises. With this will come with more responsibility.

Based on our growth and the good work Children A’loud is achieving in the Community, I would like 2019 to focus on providing appropriate salaries as soon as possible.

This will allow the members to dedicate more time and further develop our children and youth.

A huge thanks to all our donors during 2018. We cannot exist without your assistance and from the bottom of our hearts thanks so much.

Kind regards

Tamlin Klein (Bsc OT)

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