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Two of the boys currently in grade 11 have been helped by our career guidance consultants to make decisions about their career choices and have been placed in job shadowing during the June school holidays. They have been assisted in getting their identity cards and have opened bank accounts in their names. They will be making applications to education institutions and will be assisted by our consultants to apply for bursaries in January 2018 (matric year). They currently work in our holiday programme earning stipends and assisting the City of Cape Town to keep children off the streets during the school holidays.

June 2018 to Feb 2019 5 boys in matric this year were helped with the following:

  • Applying for Identity documents.
  • Opening of bank accounts.
  • Application for bursaries and to educational institutions.
  • Applications for jobs.
  • Drawing up of CVs.
  • Employed them in our holiday programme where they earned a stipend and could be added on their CVs.
  • Help them with a fundraiser for money for the matric suits and ball.
  • Put them through level 0 baseball coaching - add to CV.
  • Put them though a first aid course - add to CV.
  • Put them through a learner driver's course - add to CV. 1 boy got a fully sponsored drivers package.

What people say about us:

"It was good to bring in people from the university to come and talk to us. This program gave me more than enough information for what I want to become in the future."

"Children A’Loud was friendly, made jokes in between so we weren’t falling asleep and they did a good job. They helped me in my situation and thanks to them, I know what career field I want to go into."

"The people that came to speak to us about their careers, allowed me to get enough information for the career choice I’m interested in."

"Application forms were highly appreciated and learners indicated that they really learnt how to fill it out."

"Thank you to CTEET leaders, the coaches, the cooks, Aunty Renee and all the people who donated food and money to make the camp possible. I really liked the pillow fighting and the hikes."

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