Camp Sunbird Park

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The focus of this camp was "Anger Management". Drumming therapy was introduced and the children were so natural with the Djembe drums. They enjoyed it so much and that was all they wanted to do all weekend... A few wonderful ladies from WP mountain club took the children on a hike to the waterfall in Silvermine which they enjoyed thoroughly.

We had small groups counselling sessions and created a safe environment where children were allowed to disclose whatever bothered them in their personal lives. Our OT then had a dialoque session with the whole group where they were allowed to ask any questions they wanted and make statements about anything they felt like.

The older boys expressed their displeasure at camping with the younger children and requested that the 13-17 year olds have a camp on their own where they have the freedom to discuss problems of a personal nature with children that are more mature. Our sports coach kept them busy and entertained with activities like soccer, catching tadpoles, and races in the river.

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