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This camp came about on request from parents who suspected their children were on drugs. At the start of the camp each child had a half an hour counselling session which gave us a good idea of who was on drugs, who tried it and who was addicted.

The OT and her assistant worked with the boys in separate rooms doing the candle theory and using the flame to symbolize their life. The rest of the volunteers worked with the parents in another room and discussed how to go about dealing with children on drugs. Parents expressed their fears of their children growing up in a society where drugs is easily available and gangsterism is so rife. It was beautiful when the children walked in holding their candle and explained the meaning of the flame to their parents.

Then followed a open discussion where children could ask their parents questions and vie versa. It was so powerful and should definitely be done again as most parents work long hours and never have a dialogue with their children, yet they go to work every day fearing the worst. On the last day a rehabilitated drug addict spoke to them about his life on drugs and how he stopped.

The question were put to the boys of how they found the theory of the candle flame and this was their answers:

  • Zaid Franke 14yrs: We were given opportunities and just using dagga once can erase all that opportunities in life.

  • Tariq Adams 13yrs: I want to make a choice in my life for the better.

  • Rewano Franke 18yrs: The candle flame is like your future and drugs is like the wind. One gust of wind can erase your future.

  • Shaun Britz 14yrs: When you use drugs no one will give you opportunities in life like work or sport. You will also get weaker as you get older and you will die.

  • Giovan Jacobs 13yrs: I don't like it when adults smoke in front of children. Parents must stop because children see what adults do.

  • Jordan Gennison 13yrs: The choices I make in like will determine my future. My attitude and my friends will determine if I achieve my goals.

  • Warren Musasa 14yrs: I learned I mustn't take drugs and mis with the wrong friends who take drugs. I must listen to my parents because they know what's best for me.

  • Declan Petersen 13yrs: I must make good choices and not make friends with people who lead me to do wrong things.

  • Kenan September 14 yrs: The candle flame is like your future and hope, one bad choice can put the flame out. I must change my attitude because that can cause a lot of problems in my life. We must respect our parents.

  • Peter Saal 17yrs: It's not about who you are and what you do, it's about where you are going in life. It's about working hard and not listening to your friends who tell you to do bad things. Your parents are only strict because they want to protect you and they love you.

  • Darren Davids 14yrs: I want to make better choices in my life so that I can have a better future.

  • Victor Arendse 15yrs: I learned that smoking dagga kills your brain cells and can give you cancer.

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